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Summer Plant Pre-sale and Keyport Plant Giveaway


Shop from the comfort of home for this year's Summer Plant Pre-sale

We've worked out a new approach to the popular Mother's Day Plant Sale. Our Summer Plant Pre-sale will employ prepaid ordering, and the physical distancing that these times require.

The popular Mother's Day Plant sale is traditionally held the day before Mother's Day, and offers a wide range of quality perennials, hanging baskets, herbs, vegetables, and plant gifts.  As we pivot to a new format, the Club has worked to assure that there is something for everyone at the Summer Plant Pre-sale: flats, hanging planters, and more. These will be available, per tradition, in time for before-Mother's-Day pickup.

In these times, in the spirit of community, we are grateful and delighted to be present this event to Keep Keyport Beautiful. 


The orders you place, using the form below, will come from local nurseries and will be delivered to one or more of the Garden Club Board Member’s houses. There will be specific pick-up times so that we don’t have more than one person picking up at the same time. All orders will be prepaid, and we’ll organize the plants by order ahead of time to make pickup easy and safe.

In this unique year, this is not a not a fundraiser. 

Steps to order:

1. Peruse the order form. Great deals, huh?

2. Download it (click "Download PDF" below) and print. 

2. Make your selections.

3. Total it up. Are you sure you don't want more to share and Keep Keyport Beautiful? 

4. Write a check to Keyport Garden Club.

5. Pop your order form and check in the mail to:

     Keyport Garden Club, P.O. Box 604, Keyport NJ 07735.

We are doing this quickly --- all orders must be in by April 30th. 

And, yes, this opportunity is open to all Keyport Garden Club members, Keyport residents, and friends and family! 

But there's more :) The Keyport Plant Giveaway!

Keep Keyport Beautiful.  Our gardeners traditionally raise seedlings, split perennials and donate beautiful and unusual plants for the annual Mother's Day sale. We're trying something new to keep Keyport gardens beautiful as we weather the pandemic together.

The Keyport gardeners are at it again!  Splitting perennials and planting seedlings...this time to donate to Keyport residents. Beautify your home, or use these as gifts.  All FREE.

There will be limitations on how many plants people can have (think toilet paper at the supermarket).  More details are coming soon.

And a bit more!

The Keyport Garden Club had planned to distribute flower seeds as we marched in this year's St Patrick's Day Parade. We've once again employed the 2020 pivot, and are making the seed packets available to local businesses to add to their takeout orders. You will also find them in the Little Libraries around town. Another opportunity for all of us to Keep Keyport Beautiful. 

Another new twist for this year

This event traditionally features many knowledgeable gardeners, including those from Rutgers Master Gardeners program, one of the most valued gardening resources in New Jersey. We will provide links to these terrific resources, and also add some information on the plants which will be made available via the Summer Plant Pre-Sale.

Order Form

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDERS!!! The sale is closed, and we'll

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