Volunteers working to enhance the natural beauty of Keyport NJ since 2008.

Volunteers working to enhance Keyport's natural beauty

Our Mission

The mission of the Keyport Garden Club is to encourage civic pride and enhance the natural beauty of Keyport NJ's neighborhoods, public spaces and highway corridors. The garden club will endeavor to accomplish the goals of volunteerism, education and partnerships using environmentally sound horticultural practices. 

Our activities

Since 2008, the Keyport Garden Club, Inc. has initiated and maintains the following:
"Welcome to Keyport" sign gardens, gardens at the Keyport Post Office, gardens at the Keyport Public Library including an 18th century herb garden, Keyport Seed Library, gardens at the Keyport Senior Center, Keyport waterfront rain gardens, Keyport business district planters, the Elizabeth Street Community Gardens and Keyport GardenWalk  - an event that attracts thousands of visitors to Keyport each June.​ This year, join us online for a Virtual Keyport GardenWalk, starting June 6, 2020.  Learn more about our activities.

Our members

We are Keyport residents and non-residents, novice gardeners, Master Gardeners, full-time workers and retirees, teachers, lawyers, artists, business professionals, landscape architects and gardening professionals.


You will have the opportunity to go on field trips, attend seminars, dig in the gardens, share plants and learn from other KGC members.  

Frequently Asked Questions


I want to learn to garden. Can you help?

I want to learn to garden. Can you help?

I want to learn to garden. Can you help?

Many of our programs provide opportunities to get your hands in the dirt, and work alongside experienced gardeners who are generous with their time and expertise. Planting, weeding, decorating and more - you'll have an opportunity to contribute to the beauty of our town while learning!  The Club shares emails with opportunities, and our Events and Activities pages on this site will also let you know what's coming up.


Does the Club produce a newsletter?

I want to learn to garden. Can you help?

I want to learn to garden. Can you help?

Yes, indeed! The Vine is packed with information on dozens of events and activities in our area. (beyond Keyport). Gardening "how to" articles are also shared, often courtesy of the New York Botanical Garden or other organization. And don't miss the recipes!
The Vine is always looking for contributions and feedback, too! 


Do you offer seminars?

I want to learn to garden. Can you help?

Do you offer seminars?

We often conduct workshops and seminars after our monthly Club meetings. Check the Events and Activities pages for the latest. 

On the two days of Keyport GardenWalk, the GardenTalks feature leading presenters on a broad range of topics. Past seminars and workshops have explored native plants, butterfly gardening, rain gardens, attracting wild birds to your backyard, and more.